About The Artist

In 2007 Bridget bought two yards of Cire and four spools of heavy weight thread. She took old fabric from never-made dresses and discarded pillows and laid these items out on her kitchen table. With scissors, straight pins and an idea, Bridget created her first panel. It was a simple waterscape with a sailboat and sunset.

Since then Bridget has created countless panels including landscapes, portraits, still-life and her favorite, a serial study of the praying mantis. Her artwork has been shown at the following venues:

October – 2011    Simple Gestures –  Featured Artist

She is currently working on a series of four panels, preparing for an art show in Fall, 2014.

If you have any questions regarding show availability, pricing or process, please contact Bridget via e-mail at: bridget.callaghan5@gmail.com


Working in the studio.







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